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At iTint Window Tinting we aim to give you the very best possible service, from the moment you call or stop in, right until you drive away happy! 

And now we’ve got a new way to share what’s new at iTint—including special discounts, deals and examples of latest our work. You can sign up for our new email newsletter on the site…or right here!


We want you to be happy, and we’d like you to let us know how we’re doing

So please feel to comment here—or on our Facebook page! That’s why we use the very best products available—like Solar Gard Window Film (made in California!), and why we pride ourselves in our skillful application of window film and the vinyl wraps and accents we use.

We also want to share our work with you, and reward our customers with a opportunities for more savings. Maybe it’s friend you’d like to refer at a great price, or you’d like to have a different car tinted. Or maybe you’re ready for a full vinyl wrap. In any case, sign up and get on the list! We’ll be sure to make it worth your while!

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